Bar Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

Bar Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

Running a bar business is not simple. There’s a lot of competition, with new places opening every day. Whether you are a new bar owner or have been in business for a long, marketing is an important component of making your business successful, lucrative, and appealing to customers. So, let’s discuss our creative small bar business ideas to flourish in the bar industry.

Being unique is important in a crowded market, but even the most imaginative décor or drinks won’t draw people in. Create a thorough marketing approach to attract customers and stay up with your city’s evolving bar scene.

Why You Need to Use Bar Business Marketing Ideas

The purpose of developing successful marketing strategies for bar businesses is to keep loyal customers while attracting new ones.

Running a bar entails more than simply creating and selling great drink mixes and releasing exciting new gimmicks every night. You must also execute bar marketing ideas to engage existing customers and make your place a destination for your target community.

Powerful marketing may be started by sending out physical or digital ads, conducting events, engaging with audiences online or offline, or employing unique technology like a bar or restaurant order system.

It’s a creative approach to turn frequent bystanders into paying customers, essential for keeping your business operating.

Bar Marketing

Bar Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Launch Theme Nights

A theme night at your bar is a tried-and-true yet very successful idea. When you bring a theme to the night, you can provide a unique experience for your customers by adding a fun aspect and taking them away from the monotony of regularity. Create many themes appropriate for your bar and its idea before inviting your customers. 

Don’t forget to share the theme on your social media platforms. You may even build an event page if this is unusual at your bar. 

You may keep varied discounts on your drinks corresponding to specific theme evenings, ensuring a boost in restaurant sales regardless of any discounts. Using a restaurant POS would allow you to reach greater levels of marketing and, hence, attract more consumers.

Offer Unique Specials

Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, and Wing Wednesdays are all too common; thus, it is time to put your thinking cap on and create some really original drink specials that will set your bar apart from the competition. 

If you’re staying with tried-and-true specials, find a method to make them stand out, such as providing live music or raffle prizes to customers who buy them. Once you’ve prepared your specials, publicize them on social media or via signs at your bar. If you’re doing any third-party advertising, this is an excellent moment to highlight your deals. 

This excellent bar marketing technique is simple to implement since it involves either adding to your current menu or recreating a dish you already offer, making it a low-risk method.

Introduce Couple Games

While bars are popular among singles, this does not exclude couples from enjoying a drink or two. Your next promotion concept might revolve around couples as well. Most businesses only think of couples when Valentine’s Day nears, but a bar that hosts entertaining activities for couples in July may outperform its competitors that concentrate only on singles. 

You may host engaging couple games like “Truth or Dare” or “How Well Do You Know Your Partner” with exciting rewards. Several couples and those on first dates will be thrilled to join in the fun.

Engage With An Influencer

Don’t overlook the power of micro-influencers. Bloggers can elevate your brand when promotions occur. Given their large fan following and the fact that people believe what they say, they can help you promote your business. 

By showing them the other side of the bar, putting your staff and bar on their channel, and offering them an amazing experience, you’re showing your whole fandom how your bar works. If you want people to discuss your bar, you need a food blogger’s recommendation.

Create & Rank website with Local SEO

A website will help your bar establish strong online branding. However, an SEO-optimized website can also help you develop a strong online brand while increasing exposure and searchability on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

This implies you’ll require more than just a simple website for your bar business. SEO may help you rank your website on a particular search engine, increasing visitors and conversions.

For example, your preferred search engine is Google. You will examine the most recent SEO rules and tactics for ranking your website on Google Search.

When customers search for terms like “bars near me” on Google, your SEO-optimized bar website will appear at the top of the SERPs. This rapid Google Search exposure will allow people to examine your website with a single click while increasing your traffic.


Profit from Social Media

People like visualizing their dining and drinking experiences before arriving or picking which restaurant or bar to visit. Professional photography might be expensive, but it is well worth the investment when you can use attractive photographs on your website and put them on menus, banners, and social media. 

Your website may be a successful promotional tool for your bar, particularly if it includes several images of your cuisine, drinks, staff, and ambiance. 

Hire a photographer to showcase the best qualities of your menu and décor since web pages with photos get 94% more views than text-only sites, and consumers remember visuals more than words. Your specialities may vary with time, but most of your photography may be timeless and utilized in several ways.

Start a Stand-Up Comedy Show

Do you know how laughing is the most effective medicine? Or how can it be the most spreading thing you’ve ever shared with anyone? So, guess what? You may provide this option to your customers regularly.

Make your bar the premier destination for working-class people, mature students, and everyone seeking a good laugh to cap off a long day. You may invite popular stand-up comedians and comediennes to help fill your space for the evening.

Promote Happy Hours

Happy Hour is one of the most effective bar marketing ideas. Bar owners can use it to upsell, cross-sell, or purposefully provide non-selling drinks. Experts have shown that this is beneficial.

According to research, happy hour tricks may help bars increase their revenue in as little as two hours. You, too, can benefit from this marketing plan.

To prepare, you must determine which items on your menu stay longer on the shelf, select pricing, and evaluate profitability. Then, based on your inventory and computations, you must seek happy hour menu options.

Get on Google My Business

For your bar to be included in Google’s extensive business directory and local map listings, claim it or build your free Google Business Profile. Google My Business is the key to getting your bar to appear in Google Maps when people search for your bar or words linked to it.

Fill up your profile completely. You may develop an attractive and clickable Google profile by using photographs, identifying your business as a bar, and displaying pricing ranges, bar hours, and your location. Encourage your consumers to post good Google reviews, which will help your search results.

List Your Bar Business to Review Sites

In addition to building a Google Business Profile, creating a business profile on other review sites such as Yelp, Bing Places, OpenTable, or Yahoo LocalWorks will have a significant impact on your online visibility.

While Google has many more users than the websites listed above, enhancing your online presence via several company review sites is always preferable.

Listing your bar business on these sites is much the same as establishing a Google Business Profile. You must create an account, provide information about your company, upload images, and submit contact information. After that, you may start receiving customer feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a bar’s target market?

A bar’s target market is the ideal set of customers the bar owner aims to attract. This audience is characterized by area, audience, and cultural criteria, and the size of a bar’s target market must be enough to provide the income the bar needs to be viable.

How do you market a small bar?

You may promote a small bar business by building a distinctive bar culture, promoting on social media, and releasing promotions often. Promoting word of mouth and encouraging pleased consumers to submit reviews is also vital for attracting potential customers. In addition, maintaining consistently great experiences and developing a customer incentives program enhances customer loyalty.

What sorts of marketing content do bars need?

Advertising a bar effectively requires a combination of branded items and print and digital marketing materials. Digital marketing tools include online fliers, Facebook postings, email blast templates, and digital menus. Promotional tools include event tickets, T-shirts, beer or shot glasses, and other bar merchandise.

Small Bar Business Ideas – Conclusion

Having a wonderful environment and excellent drinks isn’t enough — you need the skills to properly promote your bar to attract and keep customers. Hopefully, these bar marketing ideas provided you with some fresh techniques to apply so you may achieve the next level of success in your bar.

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