Easy Tutorial on How to Use Canva’s New Color Picker Tool

How To Use Canva’s New Color Picker Tool?

Hey, there! Come explore the colorful world of Canva with us! Canva is like a one-stop creative store where you can easily create anything from social media posts to presentations. And, guess what? They’ve recently launched a fantastic tool called the Canvas Color Picker Tool!

Having this tool is like having a color wand. But why is color important? Choosing the proper colors may help your designs stand out and capture people’s attention quicker than great music. So, let’s release our inner designers and discover this incredible color picker tool together!

Use The Color Picker Tool In Canva: Easy Steps

While Canvas Color Picker is a relatively new tool, any Photoshop user understands how handy it can be.

Anyone who has ever attempted to pick out a color from a picture knows how difficult it can be. This is when the Picker comes in useful.

Learn more about this tool and how to use it here.

Step 1-Login To Canva

Open Canva and log in. If you don’t already have an account, you may join up for a free one on its website.

Step 2-Create A New Design

After logging in to your account, choose Create a Design. You may choose a design from the suggestions or use the search feature to discover your design.

After picking a design, the Canva editor will appear, giving you many choices for editing your design.

Step 3-Select A Template

Now, choose a template from the Canva editor’s left sidebar. You may utilize a variety of free and paid templates to create your design. You can see whether a template is free or premium when you put your cursor over it.

Before we show you how to use the Canvas Color Picker tool, let us explain what it is and how it may help you with your designs.


Canva Color Picker

Canvas Color Picker enables you to pick any color from the picture you’re using in your design or template. The Color Picker tool is located on the left side of the editor pane. To make it appear, choose any element inside your design (text, picture, etc.). 

Step 4-Add A New Color

In this informative article, we’ll teach you how to use the Canvas Color Picker by altering the side triangle color of the design we picked.

First, choose your template. As you click on the template, a Background Color choice will display at the top. As you click on this choice, many color selections will display to the left of the screen.

Canva Color Picker

Now, on the left side of the screen, choose “Add a new color” from the Document Colors menu.

Canva Color Picker

When you click Add a new color, it will display your current color (green) along with its hex code (#5DBD75).

Suppose we wish to modify the green background color of our template. To modify this color, click the Canvas Color Picker tool, which is positioned to the right of the hex color.

color picker

Step 5-Click On The Color Picker Tool

When you go to “Add a new color,” a color chart will pop up showing you the precise shade of the color you just chose.

When you click the color picker, a magnifying glass appears on the editor screen. You may use your mouse to move this magnifying glass around the screen and on the template to pick the desired color.

To modify the background color of our template, we will hover the magnifying glass within the template and pick the desired color.

Take the picture below as an example; we used the magnifying glass color picker to choose the blue shade for the biker’s helmet in the template.

canva color picker

To do this, we moved the magnifying glass, hovered it over the bucket, and then clicked the mouse left button to change the green backdrop color to blue.

color picker

By using the magnifying glass in the Canvas colour picker tool this way, you may pick any color in your design or template to apply to other elements within the template. 


Canva is a wonderful graphic design tool, and I hope this informative guide on how to use the color picker in Canva was helpful!

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