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Being one of the largest and oldest social media companies, Facebook creator studio is an important platform used by businesses and creators alike. From building brand awareness to growing the online community, there are many things Facebook creators and other such platforms are making possible these days.

However, success through social media requires staying aligned with their ever-changing analytics. This includes actively posting, staying engaged, responding to the audience, and much more.

While all of this is important to ensure a business or website’s success, no one has time to manage this while working on content creation unless they have an extensive management team. Fortunately, this has become effortless with Facebook’s Creator Studio. Don’t you know what it is? Well! If you want to know, Keep reading. Here is everything you need to know about it and how to make it work for you.

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook creator studio provides marketers and creators with all the tools they may need to manage their Facebook or Instagram pages effortlessly in one place. These includes 

  • Creating or Scheduling Posts
  • Managing Collaborations
  • Tools like Management and Analytics, and more.

In short, it makes it easier for the user to publish content and analyze interactions in a time-saving manner actively. 

Useful Features Of Facebook Creator Studio

There are multiple valuable features facebook studio offers. You would like to keep reading to discover them all.

Post Creation

Although already available on Facebook, this feature lets you create or customize posts through Facebook’s post-building options, say share a photo, check-in, feeling/activity, etc. What makes it different through the Facebook studio is you can either publish a post, save it as a draft, pre-schedule it or boost it right from the tool.

Post Tests

It is another fantastic yet helpful feature of the creator studio. It is pretty helpful if you cannot decide which one to post as it allows you to test up to four different video posts. In such a case, users create up to four posts; then, Facebook posts all four versions to another category of your audience before publishing one of them. Any post that gets a higher audience response, Facebook ultimately posts to your page. Such posts can include a variety of content like

  • Multiple edits of the post
  • Variety of content
  • Thumbnails
  • Gifs or more

Bulk Upload Videos

The bulk upload feature makes it effortless to bulk upload multiple videos or publishes the complete video series at once. You can add up to 50 videos in a single take. In addition, you can edit your video title, description, and even the video itself. 

  • Select the option that says “Upload Video.”
  • Choose “Multiple Videos” from the menu.
  • Choose the file you want to upload and the destination where you want to post it.
  • Before finally publishing, you can edit videos or other details once you complete the uploading.

Content Library

A content library is an archival place for all the content you have published on your Facebook pages. There are multiple ways to access your content in the content library. These includes:

Filters: Filters allow you to arrange your post by category, publication date, caption, length, etc.

Tabs: Tabs allow you to search your content by its status,i.e., Drafts, Scheduled, Published, Expired, etc.

Search Bar: As apparent from the name, the search bar allows you to search for a specific post directly by searching it.

Menu: Available on the right side of the screen, the menu feature allows you to access clips, articles, stories, and more.

The content library is beneficial in another way as it provides complete insight into how a specific post is performing when you click on it.


One of the most valuable features of Creator Studio is Inbox. Successful social media pages require active interaction with your audience. Inbox makes it efficient as it brings all the messages and comments from your connected Facebook and Instagram pages to a straightforward Inbox.

You can easily interact with your audience through this dashboard as it keeps you from all the others distracting notifications from the pages. You can also mark conversations as Done, Unread, Spam, or Follow up to stay organized with your interactions. While all these options are available to Instagram and Facebook comments and messages alike, Facebook messages have additional features. That includes.


Insights is another powerful tool in the Facebook creator studio that provides detail about the performance of your Facebook posts. This tool helps know how a specific post is performing and what you need to improve in your marketing efforts. This feature gives you information related to

  • Overview of all the content
  • Audience Engagement
  • Video Performance, Loyalty, and Retention
  • Articles Performance and Call To Action
  • Stories Performance
  • Return On Investment


Monetization is another essential feature of the creator studio that helps you earn potential earnings. Here you can allow other businesses to advertise their content before, after, or during your content. However, choosing the placement of an ad is entirely your own, but you can also let Facebook control the order. But above all, you should have an acknowledged and authentic presence and follow community guidelines to monetize.

Rights Management:

Yet another powerful feature that helps protect your content against copyright issues. When you post something, it automatically starts looking for content that matches yours. If it detects a match, you can block, delete, or link it to you using an ownership link.

2 useful Facebook Creator Studio’s Creative Tools:

Other than the tools mentioned above, Creator studio offers two more creative dashboards, categorized as:

Sound Collection: Sound collection features provide a complete library of royalty-free music and sound effects you can use in your content. This tool also gives you access to quickly search for the music or sound that fits your post.

Live Dashboard: This feature is specially designed for gamers to facilitate live streaming on Facebook. There are multiple privileges a gamer can have using this feature. That includes Live stream launching, scheduling, replays, and much more.

How Is Facebook Creator Studio Different From Instagram Creator Studio?

No, Instagram Creator studio is not the same as Facebook’s. The Facebook studio has a lot of functions to get benefit from. But Instagram only has over four essential tools, says

  • Insights
  • Inbox
  • The Content Library
  • Monetization

Other than these, Instagram studio has one bonus option that does not come with facebook studio, i.e., the Calendar feature. This feature gives you access to a visual overview of the scheduled posts on Instagram.

Is Facebook Creator Studio the Same As Facebook For Creators?

Facebook for creators, launched in 2017, was a platform to facilitate video creation and live broadcasts for content creators. But Facebook studio offers almost everything from analytics tools to advanced options. In short, Facebook for creators only lets you connect with the audience through videos, etc., and was designed for content creators solely. However, Facebook creator studio allows you to manage your pages, connect with your audience, insights into the performance of your posts, and much more. Also, it is not just limited to creators but businesses, brands, and more.


Creator Studio is the ultimate source to double up your marketing efforts and benefits in an organized and effortless way. So if you don’t use Facebook or Instagram just for scrolling or chatting, it is worth a shot. 

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