How To Create Your Google Reviews Link

Create Your Google Reviews Link and Share It With Your Customers

Traditionally, word-of-mouth marketing was ideal. But today, a Google search does the trick. Customer reviews matter most with this approach. Research suggests that shoppers spend 31% more on businesses with good reviews. Additionally, earning stars in your Google review listing might increase your traffic by 30% to 60%.

All these stats are excellent, but how do you start? Distributing a Google review link to consumers.

What is Google Reviews Link?

Google reviews link brings readers to a Google Maps website where they may read and leave reviews.

What is Google Reviews Link

Smart marketers and companies utilize a Google review link to encourage consumers to post reviews since it lets people access the review area on a Google Business Profile without having to search for the firm. Here are several ways your team may generate and promote this link, which aligns with previous initiatives to establish a community of supporters and hype your brand.

Benefits of a Google Reviews for Your Business

Beyond testimonies, Google Reviews has several advantages that might boost your business. Here are some Google Reviews benefits for your business:

1. Builds Trust

Positive Google Reviews boost trust. They show client happiness, boosting digital trust. Trust helps a firm acquire and keep consumers, ensuring long-term success.

2. Collects Valuable Customer Insights

Google Reviews goes beyond testimonials to provide consumer experiences. Consistent feedback helps you learn audience preferences and develop. This debate can improve your strategies and consumer happiness.

3. Maximizes Marketing Efforts

Positive Google reviews are crucial to your promotion. They improve your web visibility and influence clients as social evidence. These reviews boost your business’s reputation and bring new clients to your website, marketing, and social media.

4. Improves Google Ranking

Having many favorable Google Reviews boosts search engine ranks. Google ranks companies with a consistent track record of positive reviews higher in local search results. Increased visibility leads to more consumer acquisition. After discussing why Google reviews are so important for your business, let’s create your review link.

How to Create a Google Reviews Link?

How To Create Your Google Reviews Link

Google review links may be created in many ways:

  • Get the link from GMB/Google Business Profile
  • Use the Place ID Finder tool
  • Search manually using Google Search
  • Create a Custom Google Review Link

#1. Get the link from GMB/Google Business Profile

Sharing Google review links should be simple if your team uses Google My Business or Google Business Profile. First, log into Google Business Profile Manager. Search for “Get More Reviews: Share review form” on Home.

Simply click “Share review form”. Google will connect your review. Click to copy the link, then share it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and email.

#2. Use the Place ID Finder tool

Trying to claim your Google Business Profile? Learn how to send a Google review link without signing into Profile Manager or GMB dashboard. A Google Maps developer website has the useful Place ID Finder tool. Enter your company location’s name to request reviews in the search box.

The map will show a little text window above the company. A Place ID’s numbers, letters, and symbols will be here. Put your Place ID after “placeid=” in the URL below.

  • Google Search:

For example, your Google reviews URL will be:

Please copy and save the URL to share with consumers.

#3. Search manually using Google Search

Simply Google your company. Select your listing and click “Write a review.” In the review box, copy the long URL into the top address bar. The default URL is nasty with numbers, symbols, and characters. Simple or shortened URLs to help clients remember them.

#4. Create a Custom Google Review Link

A custom Google review link is easy to make. It’s easy to use. Helpful generic guide:

Go to Bitly, Rebrandly, or TinyURL.

Paste your “” Google review URL into the shortening service.

Shortening services usually let you change URL ends. Add your company name or a keyword. A URL with just letters and digits may become “” Save your unique URL and share it with users. Add this personalized short URL and QR code to your website, email signatures, social media, and printed content.

Where and How to Share a Google Review Link

Share your Google review link on multiple media to encourage people to post reviews of your company or stores. Here are some efficient link-sharing methods:

How to Share a Google Review Link

Send Email

Send Google review links in newsletters, order confirmations, and customer follow-up emails. Politely request reviews with a personalized message.

Create a Google Review QR Code

QR codes are everywhere in shops and businesses. Printing or displaying the code on checkout counters, receipts, post-transaction emails, and other marketing materials may increase Google reviews for your businesses.

Share Link on Social Media

Your company’s social media pages may also connect to your Google review. Write about the value of reviews and urge followers to comment. For more exposure, pin the post to the top of your profile.

Link Your Website

Your website may feature a “Leave a Review” button or link. It may be prominent on your homepage, footer, or contact page. Visitors may easily discover and post a review on your own Google review link.

Best Practices to Get Reviews

Share your Google reviews link with clear explanations on how to use it and why writing a review is important to your company. Make it simple for consumers to visit the link and review. Offering incentives or awards for Google reviews may also increase engagement.

Follow these top practices to get Google Business Profile reviews:

  • Claim and verify your Google Business Profile.
  • Remind buyers to post reviews.
  • Comply with review criteria.
  • Develop skills to handle both positive and negative reviews, fostering trust and goodwill among consumers.
  • Shorten and save your Google review URL for easy tracking.

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