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How To Use AI Tools In Canva?

With the advancements of AI in all sectors of life, you also want AI in graphic design, right? We have brought your search to an end. Let’s learn about how to use AI tools in Canva, a modern graphics designing application.

Picture this: When we first started using Photoshop, all of us did what any normal 15-year-old child would do: We modified a family portrait by shifting everyone’s heads onto different figures.

The only issue (apart from the strange head swapping) was the tedious job. It took many hours.

Suppose you’re looking to alter a family picture (or create an image out of thin air). In that case, we’ve got excellent news: Canva’s new array of AI-powered tools is making design—for all mediums—much more accessible.

Canva has made what used to take Photoshop hours into minutes if not seconds. So, whether you’re a graphic design veteran or an aspiring designer, keep reading to find out how Canvas AI design tools can make your job simpler.

What Is Canva AI?

Canva AI is a multi-purpose platform with a variety of functions. It has been defined as a visual communication program with simple interfaces that allow users to design and produce visual content. The Canva AI platform allows you to produce anything from PowerPoint presentations and infographics to social media posts, logo designs, and video content.

Recently, the platform included an AI component, resulting in a better and more efficient platform for content development. Canva’s artificial intelligence enables users to produce AI-generated images or written material; this is a relatively new power that will continue to improve in the future.

How to Use Canva AI Tools?


Canva AI Text to Image

The Canva AI text-to-image tool is undoubtedly the most popular component of the site right now. It’s an innovative new method of creating royalty-free original images, allowing companies and people to generate promotional material without getting in trouble for copywriting or failing to acknowledge the original artist.

The Canva AI text-to-image feature is quite easy to use. It will initially ask you what you want to use the image for, such as an Instagram post, presentation, poster, and so on. This allows the program to produce a picture with the appropriate size, format, and location for the specific data you want.

If you’re not satisfied with the initial round of images. In that case, you may request that Canva AI produce them again or give additional precise parameters to come closer to the image you’re looking for. Once you’ve found one you like, just click it to add it to your project.

You may then utilize the tools on the left-hand bar to put text around the picture, draw on it, add stickers, gifs, shapes, charts, or frames, and do anything else you need to make it unique and get the image you want. The easiest method to produce Canva AI-generated images is to dive right in and experiment with the tools until you get familiar with them.

The free version of Canva AI allows you to create up to 100 AI-generated photos every day. It’s also worth mentioning that certain editing tools, such as specific photos or stickers, may only be accessible in the paid version. 

Magic Edit

Magic Edit

Let’s imagine we want to add something to our picture; here is where the magic edit tool kicks in. Before we get started, keep in mind that you cannot stack the magic edit and erase tools.

To utilize the magic edit tool after previously using the erase tool on a picture…Download the rendered backdrop and load it into your canvas before moving on to the next tool.

To use the magic edit tool, choose it, change the brush size, brush over the area you wish to make an image in, and then click Continue.

It is now asking to specify what to create. We want a pen in this place. Hence, we will put “pen.” We may then choose one of the options shown to us or create another set. After selecting a created picture, we can place it where we wish.

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

Tweaking images to eliminate undesired items has always taken up a significant portion of designers’ efforts. That’s why Magic Eraser is such a lifesaver. It makes changes that designers could spend thirty minutes or more on by hand in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how to immediately clean up your pictures using Canva’s Magic Eraser: Select the things you wish to erase from your picture, and then use the Magic Eraser tool. Next, “paint” over your undesirable things and scrub with Magic Eraser.

Magic Eraser works well when you want to remove things from simple backgrounds.

However, this tool is sure to become a fixture in your graphic design toolset, particularly as it improves over time. Simply check out Canva’s Background Remover tool, which is similar to Magic Eraser. Despite just being available for a few years, it is quite accurate, especially with extremely detailed photographs.

Canva AI Powerpoint Generator

Canva AI Powerpoint Generator

This Canva AI PowerPoint generator excels over both Microsoft and Google PowerPoint. Canva AI provides a collection of readymade templates that are both up-to-date and trendy. Users will also get advantage from its ability to easily insert AI-generated photos via the integrated functionality on the left-hand side.

One of the most appealing features of the Canva AI PowerPoint generator is the power to incorporate an AI presenter. You don’t have to pay a voice actor or presenter for their time since this isn’t a real person. Simply choose a face to convey your content, integrate your own writing, and have them speak it to your audience.

This is an excellent technique to improve engagement in your PowerPoint presentation; people connect to people, even if they are an AI character. You may include it in a training program, a sales campaign, corporate communications, and so forth. It will elevate your presentation and keep your audience interested in the content.

Beat Sync

Beat Sync is a tool that syncs the beat of your background music to your movies, videos, and content. This ensures that the music is coordinated and the visuals are clear.

Use Canva’s stock music collection to add interesting soundtracks to your videos, or contribute your own. To simply sync audio and video, click on your audio, then choose Beat Sync from the top of the editing window and turn it on.

You may also adjust the level, cut the audio, and add fading effects. You will be able to create fascinating films using Beat Sync that will captivate your viewers and leave a lasting impression.

Magic Switch

Magic Switch addresses a major issue we all have had with Canva up until now: the difficulty of shifting and resizing items after altering the dimensions of our visuals. (like: from Instagram Post to Instagram Story size). Manually doing this task is time-consuming.

Magic Switch eliminates this hassle by automatically scaling each element in your design and making it simple to turn one piece of content into a multi-channel campaign.

As an example, you could:

  • Convert a presentation into Instagram posts.
  • Convert YouTube thumbnails to Facebook ads.
  • Convert a blog article into an Instagram reel.

Canva Pricing Plans with AI Features

Canva Pricing Plans with AI Features


Canva offers three distinct plans, each with its own set of limits on AI features.

The plans include the following:


• Canva Free:

Text to image, Magic Design, Magic Edit, Magic Write (25-lifetime uses), Translate (50 total pages), and BeatSync (manual sync of film to music).

• Canva Pros:

Text to image, Magic Design, Magic Edit, Magic Eraser, Magic Write (250 monthly uses), Translate (500 monthly pages), and BeatSync (automatically syncs film to music).

• Canva for Teams:

Text to image, Magic Design, Magic Edit, Magic Eraser, Magic Write (250 uses per month per person), Translate (500 pages per month per person), and BeatSync (automatically syncs film to music).

Canva also provides free plans to teachers, schools, and districts that go through a verification procedure. This is an excellent resource for instructors and students looking to explore their creativity using artificial intelligence techniques.

Is Using Canva’s AI Tools Worth It?

Canva is an effective and adaptable tool for designers, marketers, educators, and others. With their Brand Hub, you can save all of your branding assets, including logos, in one place. Its AI features, including Magic Design, Text to Image Generator, Beat Sync, Translation Tool, and Docs to Decks, enable users to swiftly generate excellent content.

Canvas’ depth of skills will undoubtedly be invaluable whether you’re creating material for personal or commercial purposes! So, if you’re looking for a simple all-in-one design tool with AI features, Canva is absolutely worth it!

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