Top Secrets To Get Your Instagram Reels To Go Viral

Do you want to know how to make your reel go viral on Instagram?

There are several benefits when you create your own Instagram reels. They make it simpler for your business to gain social media recognition and make it much easier for followers to stay connected with you.

Creating reels is an excellent way to expand your Instagram account and gain a place on the Explore page. Instagram has been using Reels to create organic growth chances for the app’s users. This strategy has been quite effective, as it has assisted many of these people in gaining more followers and expanding their reach on Instagram.

If you have the appropriate methods, you can swiftly gain numerous views on your Reels and expand your account. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of Instagram reels for businesses as well as how to get your Instagram reels to go viral!

Benefits Of Instagram Reels

The Benefits Of Instagram Reels For Business

There’s nothing unique about Instagram Reels. The same social media videos may be used elsewhere for business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) outreach. So, what makes creating IG reel worthwhile as a marketing investment?

The solution belongs to the app’s reach.

Despite the danger of being labeled a copycat, Instagram borrows a leaf from its competitor’s playbook. It adapts it to its existing ecology, which has proved brand-friendly. Whereas TikTok focuses on genuine people and amusing content, Instagram capitalizes on its captive audience and curated postings.

Adding Reels to Instagram demonstrates a desire to meet consumers where they are. In addition, the app has almost 1.4 billion active users as of October 2022, compared to TikTok’s 1 billion. Instagram Reels may target people outside of TikTok for commercial purposes.

The following are some of how using Reels might improve your social media video marketing strategy:

Elevate Your Brand

You can optimize videos for Instagram by using reels. Your reel may impact the correct individuals when it appears as the top video on Explore feeds rather than just on your profile. Users discover fresh startups in the Explore area, and businesses acquire a new audience.

Furthermore, the top video appears considerably bigger than other uploads on the page, increasing your brand’s exposure even further.

Engage Your Followers

Watch for trends when you open your IG Reels page and create a reel with your special spin. You should also be fast to spot the next big thing by watching Instagram Reels hashtags, music, and effects. People seek these particular aspects on the page, which may help you get the attention of both current and new followers.

Enhance Your Sales

Instagram is well-known for offering shoppable content, and this feature has now been extended to Reels. Record a reel and then identify relevant things from the shopping catalog. This is yet another method for optimizing videos for Instagram and increasing sales and conversions for your business.

Tips To Get Your Instagram Reels To Go Viral

Tips To Get Your Instagram Reels To Go Viral

Introduce Your Brand

Consider creating Instagram Reels for your business, whether you are new to or have a current Instagram marketing plan. You don’t need a particular amount of followers to optimize videos for Instagram using Reels. This tool enables you to generate and share organic content with a large audience.

At the same time, business material does better on Instagram Reels. According to one study, the average impression for brand material on Reels is 13%, compared to 5% on TikTok. So make the most of the occasion – and remember to create your brand’s Instagram Reels hashtags to get your reels in front of the correct people.

Ensure Your Video Is High-Quality

Professionally edited Instagram Reels are usually the most effective. That is only sometimes the case, but the essential distinction between viral and non-viral Instagram Reels is the video’s quality.

A high-quality video has two characteristics: excellent lighting and a high resolution. Make sure you have enough light if you’re using your phone. If you’re recording indoors, try purchasing a ring light to soften the shadows and improve the quality of the image.

Similarly, if you’re shooting outside, attempt to film at times of day when there is less sunshine, or at the very least, avoid recording directly in the sun.

Remove Watermarks

We recommend removing any watermarks from the videos you want to publish to offer your reels a high probability of success. This might be watermarks from video editing apps or other platforms where you’re creating videos.

Many Instagram users make the mistake of posting TikTok watermark videos. Instagram’s algorithm may detect TikTok watermarks on videos. Remove any watermarks from your videos to boost their chances of showing in Instagram’s Explore section.

Use Trending Music

Look for songs that are hot and trendy while making an Instagram Reel. Use a trendy song that is likely to become viral online. If you fail to find a song that suits your idea, select one that does.

Including music in your Reels lets you stay fresh while increasing your discoverability on the site. You may also participate in entertaining challenges that Instagram issues from time to time.

Hook the Viewer Early

Because the attention span on social media is short, capturing viewers’ interest within the first few seconds of your Instagram Reel is essential. Use eye-catching pictures, fascinating captions, or captivating content to grab your readers from the start. An engaging introduction will convince people to watch the full Reel, increasing the possibilities of engagement and virality.

Pack In The CTA

Including a call to action in your reels may significantly increase reel views since it encourages viewers to return to your content.

A clear call to action is essential for increasing followers since you will be presenting the viewers with stuff they want to see. This will encourage them to check out the other Reels you have available.

Call to action such as “Check out the description for more details, click the link in bio to avail a special offer or check our latest product” will pique the interest of viewers watching your reels. It encourages people to see more of your reels, improving your view count and engagement rate.

Target Peak Viewing Times

If you’ve been making Instagram video Reels, you’ve probably felt the frustration of trying to reach more people. Monitoring your audience’s activity is critical to determine the best day to post fresh Instagram content.

Suppose your Reels are creative, engaging, and entertaining. In that case, you can increase the likelihood that they will go viral by posting them when your audience is most active on Instagram.

Make Trends Your Own

What’s the point of Instagram Reels without some trending content? Don’t hesitate to offer your spin on the trend when you encounter something that matches your business. The aim is to ride the momentum, so be reassured if you have to deviate somewhat from your planned topic.

Instagram Reels keywords, noises, and trending videos may target a captive audience. As a result, trends can boost your app’s exposure.

Optimize Hashtags

Optimize Hashtags and Captions

Hashtags play an important role in helping people find your IG Reels. You should use trending and content-specific hashtags. To attract diverse audiences, research popular hashtags in your field and add a mix of broad and specialty-specific hashtags. Create compelling subtitles that inspire visitors to connect with your Reel by liking, commenting, and sharing. A well-written caption may enhance the content and encourage visitors to interact with your Reel.

Promote Reels Via Ads

We understand this feature is organic, but can you advertise Reels on Instagram? Yes, according to the app’s creators. This tool allows you to build adverts and ad campaigns. Reel advertising functions similarly to Stories ads.

They will also appear between reels on the Reels page, Explore, and users’ feeds. How lengthy can IG Reels be in terms of advertisements? Ads on Instagram may last up to 30 seconds.


Reels may be used to improve a business owner’s or social media marketer’s Instagram content plan, which includes posts, stories, IGTV, and their store. The algorithm favors Instagram Reels over ordinary videos since they aren’t crude.

Marketers and social media users find video content engaging and informative. Video marketing is seen as the second most successful ad format by 17 percent of marketers, followed by Instagram Stories (16 percent).

IG Reels is another excellent method for sharing video content with your audience. Mixing your Reels with Stories, IGTV, and regular posts can push your Instagram business to new heights.

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