Top Ways To Use Online Reviews To Boost Website Traffic

Top Ways To Use Online Reviews To Boost Website Traffic

If you’re not using online reviews to enhance site traffic, you’re losing out. Recent research shows that approximately 100% of online buyers read reviews, and 63.6% check Google reviews before visiting a company.

The key point is that online reviews influence buying choices; therefore, businesses must use them to rank. This post will cover the numerous ways you can utilize customer reviews for SEO to boost website traffic and rank higher.

Online Reviews and SEO: A Perfect Pair

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Whether you’re a Fortune 500 corporation or a little store, SEO client reviews may make or break your online visibility. The reason:

  • Power of Social Proof: Online evaluations demonstrate the quality of your goods or services, and buyers trust their peers more than marketing messaging.
  • Improving Search Engine Performance: Google client reviews weigh heavily in rankings. Positive reviews boost exposure and website traffic.
  • Building Trust and Credibility: Many good Google customer reviews may boost your brand’s credibility and attract more clients.
  • Gaining Insights: Online reviews reveal your target audience’s preferences. This might help you improve your goods and services to fulfill their needs.
  • Influencing Buying Decisions: Since most people use internet reviews before buying, online reviews influence buying decisions. 27% of buyers trust online reviews as much as genuine advice. Now that we know online reviews drive website traffic let’s use them.

Top Strategies to Use Reviews for Traffic

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Online reviews and SEO boost website traffic. Online reviews may improve your search engine ranking and website traffic in several ways:

Focus on Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO involves building a digital presence outside your website. This involves generating third-party review accounts, building reputable backlinks, and being active on social media.

Off-site signs like online reviews help Google and other search engines determine your brand’s relevance, authority, and trustworthiness. However, use off-site SEO strategies like getting good ratings on Google Business Profile (GBP), Yelp, and Tripadvisor.

Improve Your Review Score

The GBP guide says local search results “are dependent mainly on relevance, distance, and popularity.” Business recognition, which is impacted by reviews and client opinions, determines prominence. In addition to the amount of reviews you get, your review score boosts website traffic. Google will rank your company higher if your review score is high.

Provide high-quality goods and services and encourage pleased consumers to post reviews to boost your review score. Respond to unfavorable reviews quickly and attempt to resolve them with customers.

What can you do to boost your company location reviews? First, collect consumer reviews. Provide links to third-party review services in your email signatures or website to simplify it. Second, answer every good and bad review to show potential customers you respect input and are prepared to help.

Finally, monitor your reviews across platforms using online review management software or a skilled online reputation management company. It will be easy to react and increase your review score.

Maintain Review Velocity

Review velocity is your business’s online review rate. Maintaining a regular review flow is crucial. Rapid favorable reviews followed by delay may signal suspicion to search engines, leading to penalties.

Slow but steady mixed reviews (good and negative) are considered as real and more believable. Online reputation management businesses may monitor and react to reviews and promote a consistent flow.

Increase Review Volume

While you can’t control reviews, you may urge customers to note their location or service. This informs people about your company and gives search engines keywords. Positive review wording and sentiment tell search engines your company is well-regarded and relevant to people’s searches.

Optimize Review Content

Imagine looking for a new dentist and finding two practices with the same review score, but one has 100 reviews and the other 10. Are you more inclined to choose one?

Customers are more inclined to pick a business with more reviews since it demonstrates more customers have had experiences with them.

Encourage consumer feedback, reply to reviews, and use online review management services to improve review volume. Next, we’ll explore how to get client reviews and testimonials to boost your online reputation.

Getting More Google Reviews and Testimonials

Getting more Google reviews is hard, but these tactics may help:

  • Customers receiving automated emails after purchase or service
  • Simplifying the review process with direct links to third-party platforms
  • Asking for feedback on social media
  • Printing QR codes on receipts for easy access
  • Offering loyalty programs or discounts for reviews
  • Sending follow-up text messages after interactions
  • Asking for reviews during interactions

Reducing review friction dramatically enhances customer engagement. If these techniques fail to create reviews and customer testimonials, reputation management tools or consultants should be considered.

Handling Negative Reviews Effectively

Response to Google reviews is key to reputation marketing. An ideal world would have no bad reviews, but they will happen. Manage them professionally and effectively.

Here are some ways to handle poor and favorable Google reviews:

  • Respond Quickly: Respond to Google reviews within 24 hours to show clients you respect their comments.
  • Personalize Your Replies: Instead of utilizing standard templates, modify comments to each review.
  • Address Issues and Apologize: Address bad reviews and apologize for any inconvenience. This shows you value client input.
  • Provide Solutions: After apologizing, suggest a remedy to the review problem. This can improve a bad situation.
  • Show Gratitude: Thank customers for favorable evaluations and for selecting your company.
  • Take Conversations Offline: If negative feedback demands more discussion or resolution, provide the consumer a way to contact you privately.
  • Monitor Reviews: Check and reply to reviews on all platforms, including social media. Using online review monitoring tools simplifies this.

Keep calm and professional while replying to reviews since your responses might impact customers. Hire a reputation management business to help you leverage good and negative reviews to demonstrate your customer service and enhance your online reputation.

Strengthen Your Reputation with DMR

You should now realize that online reviews and SEO are interconnected parts of an online reputation management plan. All-in-one reputation management provider DMR can boost your online reputation and search ranking with its services:

  • Complete Review Monitoring: Track all Google customer reviews across platforms.
  • Effective Review Management: Respond to reviews from one platform.
  • Strategic Reputation Marketing: Include favorable customer reviews on your website and marketing content.
  • Professional Review Responses: Let our reputation management professionals handle bad reviews.

You can trust DMR with your online reputation. Talk to our reputation management professionals about SEO using customer reviews. 

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