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To maximize your online presence, Digital Media Run Content Creation Agency weaves social media management services into your overall marketing strategy. The right Facebook or Instagram management service can attract, nurture and convert followers into loyal customers.

Social Media Management Services

Why Choose DMR Social Media Management Services

When you pick DMR Social Media Management Services, you have access to all the benefits of our two-decades-long history. Here are some of the reasons for using our Social Media Management Services:


Proven Track Record:

DMR Social Media Management Services have a good track record of managing social media initiatives for various customers. We feature case studies, testimonials, and customer evaluations that illustrate our ability to generate outcomes and fulfill company goals via social media marketing.


Tailored Strategies:

DMR provides bespoke social media strategies tailored to your company's objectives and target audience. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, we take the time to learn about your brand, industry, and competition to design a plan that optimizes your online visibility.


Expert Team:

DMR has a team of qualified social media specialists knowledgeable in many marketing facets, including content development, community management, advertising, and analytics—our combined expertise results in more successful and powerful social media efforts.


Focus on ROI:

DMR Social Media Management Services focuses on ROI and show its capacity to generate concrete outcomes for your company. They emphasize concrete results from their social media activities, whether improving brand recognition, driving website traffic, generating leads, or increasing sales.

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Hire DMR Social Media Management Services For Your Business Benefits

Simple Payments

Time and Resource Savings:

Managing social media may be time-consuming and resource-intensive. By assigning this task to specialists, you save time. You can concentrate on other important parts of your organization, such as product development, customer service, and business expansion.

Flexible Staffing

Enhanced Online Presence and Brand Awareness:

Our Social Media Management Services assist you in increasing your online presence and brand exposure. We can generate and manage compelling content, connect with your audience, and conduct advertising strategies that reach a larger and more focused audience.

Solid Back-Up

Improved Engagement and Customer Relations:

Direct engagement with customers is made possible via social media. Our Social Media Management Services assist you in engaging with your target audience, responding to inquiries and comments, and building strong relationships with consumers, promoting brand loyalty and trust.

100% Confidentiality

Data-Driven Insights and Analytics:

Our Social media management services often include analytics and performance reports. These insights help you in understanding the behavior of your target audience, tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns, and making data-driven choices to enhance your social media tactics.


Our Social Media Management Services

Our Trained Technical Experts can Handle

Content Creation and Curation:

DMR Social Media Management Services are responsible for developing and curating interesting and relevant content. This includes creating images, writing attractive text, and finding or reusing material consistent with the brand's identity and appeals to the target audience. We can handle the following tasks for you:

dmr-styled-list-marker Idea Generation for Content

dmr-styled-list-marker Gathering and Research

dmr-styled-list-marker Designing and writing

dmr-styled-list-marker Curation of content

dmr-styled-list-marker SEO and keyword optimization

dmr-styled-list-marker Engagement and Community Building

dmr-styled-list-marker Performance Evaluation



Scheduling and Publishing:

DMR Social Media Management Services manage post scheduling and posting across many social media platforms. We consciously plan when and how frequently to post to maintain an active online presence and ensure constant and timely data distribution. We can help you with the following tasks:

dmr-styled-list-marker Content Calendar Management

dmr-styled-list-marker Selection of Content

dmr-styled-list-marker Platform Choice

dmr-styled-list-marker Post Timing Optimization

dmr-styled-list-marker Publishing and Monitoring

dmr-styled-list-marker Engagement and Response

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Community Management:

Active engagement with the audience on social media is necessary for community management. Our Social Media Management Services respond to comments, messages, and mentions, encouraging good interactions with followers and answering questions or issues immediately. We can perform the following services for you:

dmr-styled-list-marker Responding to Messages and Comments

dmr-styled-list-marker Content Filtering and Moderation

dmr-styled-list-marker Social Listening

dmr-styled-list-marker Developing User-Generated Content

dmr-styled-list-marker Putting on Contests and Campaigns

dmr-styled-list-marker Trend and Response Analysis

dmr-styled-list-marker Insights and Reporting



Analytics and Reporting:

DMR Social Media Management Services monitors the success of different campaigns and postings using social media analytics tools. We monitor important performance metrics such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. Data helps optimize future efforts by assessing strategy efficacy. We can take care of the following for you:

dmr-styled-list-marker Data Gathering and Tracking

dmr-styled-list-marker Data Examination

dmr-styled-list-marker Measuring Key Performance Metrics

dmr-styled-list-marker Insights and Suggestions

dmr-styled-list-marker ROI Evaluation

dmr-styled-list-marker Integration of Data

Social Media Content Creation Pricing


$ 199 /Month
3x Social Media Account Setup
2 Minute Video
Voice Over
250 Words Script
Use High Graphic Vectors
Logo design
16 Posts For 3 Accounts
Brand Strategy
SEO Optimized Blog (1200 words)
Profile Website(One-Page)
Website Audit
Cancel Anytime


$ 299 /Month
5x Social Media Account Setup
Post Scheduling
4 x 1 Minute Video
Voice Over
Spoke Person
Use High Graphic Vectors
Logo design
28 Posts For 3 Accounts
4 x SEO Optimized Blog (1200 words)
Website Audit
Google Adwords


$ 499 /Month
5 x Social Media Account Setup
Post Scheduling
Account Management
5 x 2 Minute Video
Voice Over
Spoke Person
Use High Graphic Vectors
Logo design
6 x SEO Optimized Blog (1200 words)
Google Adword Campaign Setup
Website Management
Monthly traffic report


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